Our Philosophy

We are rewards-based and collaborative in our approach to working with canines and humans.  Our services are focused on fostering safety, harm prevention, and understanding. We use training methods that are positive and that aim to bring out the best in dogs and their guardians.

We teach clients from a framework of resilience, gentleness, and fun.  To train a dog, you must make it enjoyable for everyone!

Blue Mountain Canine adheres to the guidelines put forth by The Pet Professional Guild and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants code of ethics.

As a member of the Pet Professional Guild, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Doggone Safe, and the IAABC, Blue Mountain Canine has pledged to utilize ethical approaches in all areas of our services.

Education, Memberships, Certification

Frances is a certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator through DogNostics Education.  She is currently pursuing further certification through the IAABC and the CCPDT.  She is working under mentorship in Portland and has successfully completed the following courses:

  • IAABC’s Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice
  • Karen Pryor’s Dog Training Foundations
  • Ian Dunbar’s Sirius Training Academy

Mycal is currently pursuing her Drinking with Your Dog certification and other courses.

About Us

We offer the following services:

  • Private one-on-one training for puppies and adult small to medium size dogs.  Training large dogs are on a case-by-case basis or virtually depending on breed(s), temperament, and history.
  • Puppy Life and Social Skills (CLASS) classes (no more than 6 dogs per class)
  • Basic Life and Social Skills for adult dogs (no more than 6 dogs per class)
  • Behavior consultation for many behavior issues including: housetraining, barking, counter surfing, resource guarding, digging, jumping up, pulling on leash, and more.  Due to physical limitations, we don’t take large breed aggression cases at this time except virtually.
  • Overnight lodging with training skills support
  • Small group daycare with play and train support

Our Mission:

  • We foster greater understanding between humans and their canine companions.
  • We foster safety and well-being for all family members.
  • We use collaborative rewards-based methods to navigate a variety of behaviors and training protocols, so families are empowered, and bonds are deepened.

Meet Frances & Mycal

Since 2012 we have worked professionally and extensively with hundreds of dogs and their guardians.  In 2021 we took what we knew about dogs as professional care providers and now provide dog training and behavior consultation.

Both owners at Blue Mountain Canine grew up surrounded by pets and both women were intrigued by animal behavior from childhood.  Both women enjoy learning about helping people have fantastic relationships with their dogs and love giving families peace of mind.

We only work with small groups of dogs at a time, whether it’s puppy life skills classes, play groups, or lodging.  This allows us to work extensively with dogs in our care and cater services and training protocols to each dog while fostering healthy socialization.

Why you'll love Blue Mountain Canine

You can relax knowing we take precautions to keep your dog secure and calm.
Ten years of professional best practices that are constantly being evaluated and updated.
Your dog gets to be on vacation while they’re with us. You receive daily updates.
We help families with behavior issues and canine resilience.